Where's the Beef?
Source Mathew Forstater
Date 99/10/14/00:18

Perhaps I'm thick but I'm not sure what it is you're lookig for. Is it just
alternative indicators? I can't believe that you're not familiar with them.
Even if 'development is not your area.' Off the top of my head, so some of
the details may not be right:

1. Repetto had something called the net national product, NNP, (or NDP for
net domestic product) that subtracts out resource depletion. He did a
well-known one for Indonesia that showed their GDP growth would be cut in
half, but more importantly that depletion of forrests at a rate greater than
their rate of renewal meant that their economy was on an unsustainable path.
This was reprinted in a lot of environmental econ readings books and also in
the dollars and sense special issue on the environment a few years ago. I
think John Miller also had an article in dollars and sense on gdp that did
some of this, or maybe he wrote the article that Reppeto's work was reported
in. I can dig it up if people are interested. I thought Repetto was working
on this for the Clinton administration?? And also figuring in unpaid

2. The SF based group that Cobb runs (the son of the co-author of Daly and
Cobb's _For the Common Good_
has the GPI, general progress indicator. I thought Jim Devine has summarized
that for us before.

3. The Human Development Report has done a few different ones I thought,
inspired by Sen's work. Is it called the Basic Human Needs Indicator?? I
thought this was the stuff that came out of Sen's refutation of the 'no
interpersonal utility comparisons' thing??

4. Didn't Bronko Horvat or someone like that do something for socialist
countries to compare with capitalist countries, factoring in literacy,
health care, etc., showing that a country like Tanzania was doing much
better than Kenya, even though the latter had a marginally higher gnp or gnp
growth rate??

Am I on the right track Max or am I lost in a fog??

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