Re: Not wary enough of the "lesser evil" to break with it
Source Charles Brown
Date 12/10/31/11:42

Marv Gandall: However, this view, with its faint echo of "the worse,
the better", overlooks that the tie of the unions and black, women's
and other organizations to the Democratic Party tends to strengthen
rather than weaken when the Republicans are in power - when the DP is
even more urgently seen as the only means of removing a party more
implacably opposed to their gains and programs.

CB: Indeed, Marv. Also, Obama has gotten a pay equity for women law
passed, and appointed two liberal women ( and only women) to the US
Supreme Court in preparation for the coming war on _Roe v Wade_.
Feminist organization's ties to Obama and the Dems have been
strengthened during the Obama term by Obama's major pro-women actions.

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