It's hard out here, by Arlene Feiccabrino
Source D. Ohmans
Date 12/09/30/10:56
"The Pueblo Chieftain"
Sunday, Sep 30, 2012

I HAVE had it.
I am tired of well-off citizens judging and condemning people who are less fortunate.
I challenge them (anyone who makes more than $300,000 a year or who is living off capital gains) to come to Southern Colorado - Huerfano County, Las Animas, Conejos, or Alamosa counties. Do not come with your trust fund credit cards or checkbooks. Embed yourselves in these counties.
Bring your children and do not expect access to fancy private schools, because they do not exist in these places. Do not just observe and say, "Oh these people are lazy." Try to survive as they do for at least six months.
I doubt if you last a week.
Apply for a job. You may have to march down to the local welfare office and apply for food stamps and welfare, so you can pay for food and shelter while you wait for that job. You have kids to feed.
Remember, no cheating - no trust-fund money or credit cards. You are here to experience the reality of the people who live in these counties.
Prepare to dig ditches, wash dishes, wait tables, clean toilets and all for the grand wage of less than $8 an hour. If you are fortunate to land one of these positions, see how far the money goes. You still will need assistance. And do not even think about getting sick. Health care is not a right. Nor are food, shelter or education. You need money for any of these. Of course, if you do not have money, it's because you're lazy. Experience the life of the loafer and freeloader.
Welcome to reality 101. That is the only education you will get here.
Put your experience where your mouth is and then be the judge.

Colorado City

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