med marijuana Justice for all?
Source Robert Chase
Date 12/08/17/12:56

Justice for all?
by COmidnightrider46

I AM WRITING this in an attempt to find an attorney who will hear me out without taking tens of thousands that I do not have. I would hope justice is for all of us, not just those with money. This is a civil rights matter that involves all of us.

At the end of last year, the El Paso County Police Department raided my home. They were looking for my brother, whom does not live with me, had not been to my home in several months, and has no association to me other than blood. The police came to my home, without a warrant, and breached the front door with a battering ram. They then fired flash grenades into the front entrance, destroying my tile, pushiong all drywall inwards and forcing the screws out of the wall. Long story short, holes were punched throughout my house to see if I was hiding drugs in the walls, doors were ripped from their frames, pictures shattered. They even dragged my half naked roommate with a severe heart condition from her bed, out in front of the house, for the world to see. They let my dogs out the front door and it took a day to find them. Long story short, they asked if I knew where my bother was, to which I replied "no" and invoked my right to remain silent. I thought that was that and tried to move on in my life....

2 months later the police raid my house again, this time with a warrant. This time they take my legal personal garden and involve the news. I find it interesting that the news could not release my brothers information, or the location they were performing simultaneous raids at his alleged 140 acre pot farm, but could mention my address and name, in connection with the alleged 100+lbs they found on him, not me. Yet other newspapers mention that I have taught marijuana growing classes, to which I never have. They also claim I had marijuana businesses running out of my home, which I do not. One officer is quoted in the newspaper as implying I am the kingpin of the operation, but was tipped off the police were coming and closed up my operation...really, is this the movies?

The second time they came, they took my garden, a whopping 26 plants when I myself am allowed 60 flowering, in addition to my two roomates who are allowed 12 flowering each; we were well below the numbers allowed, less than half.

Prior to this incident, I was a manager at an MIP in Denver. I paid my mortgage and taxes and was a reputable member of my community. I have even been in the newspapers, national headlines for my efforts in educationg police regarding medical marijuana and gave a presentation in 2007 to the drug task force on medical marijuana and was quoted in the media as saying I have an open door policy with any law enforcement agents whom want to learn the truth about MMJ. After this incident however, I had to step down from my MIP position. I have looked for employment in every other industry possible, yet I find myself unable to be hired to flip burgers. I studied molecular biology so I could advance medicine and help those who suffer; now I may be homeless soon. I have been unable to pay my mortgage since this incident and am facing foreclosure. I have always taken care of my diabetes with documented proof; since this incident I have been unable to buy proper amounts of insulin and now my health has documentable adverse effects.

I have spken with several attorneys. They would love to help if I have $10k as a down payment, with costs likely reaching $30k. I dont want a handout in life and I dont want a poor me media story. Ideally, I want my life back so that I can earn for myself and go on with my life. Unfortunately trhe damage is done and that cannot happen. Thus, I would like to sue the police and or media for these blatant lies that were designed to destroy my name. I have also learned from my brothers attorney that his case may also be getting thrown out due to problems with evidence.

I believe with all the legalization efforts coming up in November, the police will not want this incident coming about regarding their brutality, corruption, and lack of due process. I would like to speak with an attorney about my options for both getting my name back and causing a feduciary punishment to the police in an attempt to get them to do as they are supposed to; the moral and right thing.

I humbly ask that if their is an attorney out there that is willing to take a case on for my civil rights. The Colorado Springs police department is continuously overstepping their boundaries; my incident is but one of many in Colorado Springs since 2012 began. I think the voters should know more about the police abuse of powers in the name of "protecting" us from ourselves and let them make the choice as to whether they feel marijuana is more harmful to society or corrupt police.

My personal opinion is that these cops are a new form of drug addict, I call a peripheral addict. It is characterized by not using a drug, but rather, your life is consumed by thoughts of the drugs dangers to society, such that it consumes all logic. The "user" cannot help themselves, and overstep all laws and self control in an attempt to get high off of the feeling of getting rid of the drug from others' use. I feel they are the most dangerous addicts of all becuase their addiction is directly fed by the destruction of others lives in the name of making society safer.

I will now stop rambling. I humbly ask anyone out there who can help, to please contact me through . I do not wish to publicly give my name at this point for fear of further harassment by the badged mafia.

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