Re: human versus natural
Source Charles Brown
Date 12/02/27/23:30

Please tell me, when it comes to the behavior and conduct of
human beings, how do you distinguish nature from non-nature?
David Shemano

HUMANS ARE A natural life form or species. We originated in the
Darwinian sense about 200,000 years ago, with intermediate species of
the same genus ,homo, going back before that ( intermediate between us
and some and an ancestor species we have in common with apes).

Our unique and special species characteristic which distinguishes us
from other species is that we have tradition, custom, language,
history , culture, such that we have many communications from dead
generations of our species. This gives rise to "non-natural" or
cultural institutions that don't derive from our genes , as does most
behavior of non-human species. So, "natural" can be traced back to
genes ;and "non-natural" ,"artificial", or
cultural/traditional/historical must be taught or nurtured into humans
for them to practice it. They don't come by it naturally, but

The capitalist system or mode of production, is a historically, not
naturally, derived ( circa 500 years ago) system of organizing our
relationship to the material world, including but not limited to the
material necessities for our survival individually and therefore as a
species. It is not human nature to organize as capitalism (it's not
against human nature., either, though nuclear weapons approach that)
The proof capitalism is not identical with human natural organization
is that there have been a number of other modes of production and
exchange in human history. Nor will capitalism last forever. Things
change based on contradictions in the relations of production. The
economic mode can change because it is not in our genes, not natural.
It is not exactly anti-natural, but it is not the only way humans can
organize production and exchange. There is a better way which is also
compatible with our human natures. It is a tradition that derives
dialectically from the contradictions within the capitalist
historical mode.

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