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Source Louis Proyect
Date 11/08/25/15:08

On 8/25/2011 1:05 PM, Shane Mage wrote:

> > On Aug 25, 2011, at 12:39 PM, c b wrote:

>> >> I'd like to identify with Carrol's remarks from LBO-talk on this
>> >> topic
>> >> Charles

>> >> "A tyrant who kept his nation independent is being replaced with a
>> >> tyranny that bows to the will of the EU. The people are probably worse
>> >> off, as are the Iraq people today. Among all the weaker nations,
>> >> independence probably depends on having an authoritarian state.
>> >> Eventually Venezuela, Bolivia, and Equador will probably have to
>> >> abolish elections or give in to being dependencies of the U.S."
>> >> Carrol

> > In the Stalinist vocabulary, "independence" has now replaced
> > "socialism" as justification for tyranny, rebaptized
> > "authoritarianism" in the style of Jeanne Kirkpatrick. Of course
> > nobody is willing to proclaim himself a Stalinist anymore, unlike when
> > I was growing up...

All these leftists filled with bile toward the anti-Qaddafi
movement is something to behold. Can you imagine what Carrol Cox
would do if the cops came to his house and confiscated his
computer because he had been writing anti-government messages on
LBO-Talk? Then hauled him off to prison where he would be beaten
daily and pissed on for good measure over a 3 year span? This is
the kind of thing that happened for 42 years in Libya. Just
because NATO intervened, there is no reason not to understand why
it is an enormous step forward for Libyans not to have to endure
this treatment any longer. If they end up with a bourgeois
democracy that has the same dependency on oil companies as existed
under Qaddafi, there's nothing to sneer at. The East Timorese
relied on Australian and New Zealand imperialism to get rid of the
Indonesian militias. We are always opposed to imperialist
intervention but who in their right mind would smear FRELITIN the
way that the anti-Qaddafi rebels are being smeared across the
crypto-Stalnist left?

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