ICC's Arrest Warrant Against Qathafi
Source Alimammy Sankoh
Date 11/07/03/06:28


*“The uniqueness of the imperialist ICC (International Criminal Court) in
this modern world is that the more powerful the country is, the less liable
they are to be investigated fro war crimes and crimes against humanity,
including political assassinations, killings of innocent civilians,
butchering blacks, race cleansing in Latin America, Palestine and Africa,
violations on international moral law, human rights and sovereignty of other
nations. What is happening in Libya today is that a “blood-thirsty-racist”
alliance group led by NATO and terrorist Al-Qaeda based in Eastern Libya is
terrorizing the Government of Libya and its people. The USA, France, Britain
and their leaders, and their terrorist al-Qaeda ally are the most fortunate
of all, enjoying immunity of global military power, despite the longest list
of violations against Africa”. By ALIMAMY BAKARR SANKOH, President of the
Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity

Public Release Statement

It is not the policy of the Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League (PDL) to
elevate NATO-designed ICC’s (International Criminal Court) hate-filled and
racist policy towards Libya with a response but for the sake of defending
the dignity of Africa and black people everywhere, we have decided to
respond justly to the unjust, proxy warrant of arrest issued by the
so-called ICC (better known as International Corruption Court) against the
Libyan leader.

To start with, the ICC is a creation of Nazis criminals, colonial Lords,
Zionist rogues and international criminal adventurers, designed to subjugate
Africa, rob and dehumanize the African people. Second, the ICC is the
judiciary arm of terrorist NATO, whose existence is nothing but traverse of
international justice. Thirdly, the PDL does not recognize the existence of
the ICC because its sabotages decisions of the African Union, attack the
illuminating personality of African leaders and attack the dignity and
integrity of black people.

The unavoidable reality is that Africa is not part of Europe and does not
belong to terrorist NATO, and Libya and Muammar Qathafi in particular no way
should be subjected to European/terrorist NATO politico-military decisions.
We, therefore frown at the ICC’s falsehood and unwarranted attack on the
person and office of the Libyan leader and King of the African Kings.

We know it to be an undisputable fact that the ICC is an appendage to
NATO/al-Qaeda terrorism against the peace and freedom-loving people of
Africa. The ICC’s hatred and race-filled attacks against Libya are only true
expressions of imperial ambition-to destabilize Africa, overthrow the
Government of Libya, kill Muammar Qathafi and his family and dupe the Libyan

Muammar Qathafi believes in freedom and human dignity, and is committed to
achieving the cherished goals setout by the African Union (AU), including
not allowing the violent change of Government anywhere on the continent; the
realization of the Union Government of Africa, and above all, the Libyan
leader is committed to the peace, stability and development of and
improvements in the lives of Africans on the continent and the Diaspora. It
is unthinkable and an affront on his illuminating personality for the ICC to
link Qathafi to war crimes against the Libyan people.

The ICC knows, and the international public does that the competent Libyan
Government did not initiate war, nor launch attacks against its own people
at anytime, anywhere in Libya. The ICC knows the true that it was the US,
Britain and France that planned the current aggression on Libya, and
recruited European, Canadian, Australian and American white mercenaries and
terrorist al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, Iraq and in the Maghreb to clinically
execute the dastardly military aggression campaign against the Libyan

The ICC knows that NATO backed terrorists outfit in Benghazi have declared
that “No black should exist on the Libyan soil”, and with this they have
resorted to acts of arson, murder and torture to liquidate blacks in Libya.
The ICC knows that blacks are being arrested amass and detained at al-Qaeda
concentration camps in Eastern Libya and are being kept in sub-human

The ICC knows that NATO has been applying weapons of mass destruction,
including cluster and napalm bombs, cruise missiles, drones, depleted
uranium and attack helicopters in an attempt to assassinate Muammar Qathafi
and unleash terror on the Libyan masses. And above all, the ICC knows from
credible intelligence sources that the US and NATO created terrorist
al-Qaeda as a façade to attack and destroy other countries that are not
willing to pawn their dignity to international terrorism.

We conclude by asking this pertinent question: What is War Crime, and who
are the real War Criminals in the aggression against the Libyan masses?

*Sulaiman Mulku Dumbuya*
*PDL National Secretary for Political Education and Mass Mobilization.*

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