Wake Up Call to Defend Our Libya
Source Alimammy Sankoh
Date 11/05/29/20:58

Africa is at war! The continent has been attacked by the world’s most
bestial criminals and genocide perpetrators. Objectives: “to kill
Muammar Qathafi and his family; sabotage the African Union project;
recolonise Africa and rob the continent of its wealth and rich natural
While, we, in the Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League (PDL)
condemn the killings of innocent people wherever they are in the
world, we would like to re-assure the murderous NATO alliance that
Africans, blacks in particular will defend Libya and the Libyan
people. We will forcefully and fiercely defend our Libya against any
foreign criminal aggression. The Libyan people’s resistance against
Western imperialist war crimes and crimes against humanity is the
resistance of all movements, peoples and nations fighting for their
liberation from the yoke of imperialism and neocolonialism. Africans
everywhere are united in their support for Muammar Qathafi and to
launch the second liberation fo the African continent, for economic
emancipation and the realization of the Government of the United
States of Africa.
Criminal Western journalists defend NATO’s murderous attacks on Libya,
and the unholy alliance supports for al-qaeda terrorists in Benghazi;
unfortunately too, these gutter journalists and agents of the devil
fail to respond why Western governments are so keen to help ferocious
terrorist al-qaeda to overthrow the legitimate Government of the
people of Libya. What is worst, these prepaid foreign criminal
adventurers and pseudo-journalists have been hired to assist the
terrorists plan and disseminate their wicked propaganda materials to
the outside world.
We accuse France and its mad-cow named Nicola Sarkozy for initiating
the current barbaric aggression against the Libyan people. The truth
of the matter is that, there is absolutely nothing Muammar Qathafi and
the Libyan Government could have done to stop the mad0cow, and to
prevent the current stone-age aggression and crusade attacks on the
Libyan people. It is unfortunate that the United Nations endorses this
dangerous and unwarranted meddling in the domestic matters of a
sovereign independent state and member of the United Nations body.
The time has come for Africans to resist Western aggression on the
continent. Africa must rise up against the presence of foreign
military bases on their lands and territories across the continent.
France colonial army and the US so-called AFRICOM are occupying and
terrorizing black people. We must all step up the all round support
for and solidarity with Muammar Qathafi, the pioneer of the African
Union (AU). It should be mentioned that the blood thirst government of
President Nicolas Sarcozy instigated violent attacks against blacks in
Europe, in 2008, which culminate into the passing of the European
Return Directive, which calls for immigrants to be incarcerated up to
six months before deportation. France was also behind the attempted
assassination of former President Moussa Dadis Camara of the Republic
of Guinea, in December 2009 and the dumping of nuclear toxic wastes on
Africa’s territorial waters.
No body ever disputes the fact that Muammar Qathafi declared a
ceasefire before the crusade attacks, but the barbarians who demanded
for ceasefire ignored it and instead began to launch their tomahawk
missiles, Depleted Uranium, Cluster and Napalm bombs and other
internationally banned weapons of mass destruction. Instead of
protecting the Libyan people as the argument that led to the adoption
of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, the US and allies
are killing the Libyan people en mass. The Libyan capital city of
Tripoli has been destroyed by constant NATO bombing raids,
indiscriminate shelling, crusade attacks, drone attacks and Western
media lies and manipulation. Almost all of Libya’s interior towns and
cities have been greatly damaged or entirely demolished beyond
These cowardly attacks on Libya’s sovereignty clearly demonstrate that
the US and rogue allies are not for peace, bur for destruction of life
and property, and assassination of Muammar Qathafi and his family. We
are of the belief that Africa will only become a region of peace,
stability and progress, when we Africans unite to wage the second
liberation of the continent against imperialism and neocolonial
We are conscious of our immediate responsibility to defend our Libya.
Our immediate objective is to awaken the consciousness and struggle
for the second liberation of the African continent against the evils
of imperialism. The oppressed and downtrodden have shown by their
anti-war protests in all corners of Africa that they will spare
neither their energies nor their lives in the solidarity and support
for Libya against the current Western terrorist aggression.
We fully support the steps taken by the competent authorities in
Tripoli to root-out the terrorists out of Benghazi and other areas
they occupy. We applaud the millions of brave Libyans and Africans who
are risking life and limb to peacefully voice out their disgust
against the US and allies terrorism in Libya. The West has really
crossed the line now and we, in the PDL strongly call on the United
Nations to halt NATO crusade attacks against the people of Libya. We
call also the UN to stop the so-called NTC in Benghazi to stop
butchering blacks and using harmful means to infringe upon the human
rights of Libyans in Benghazi.
Long Live Africa!
Africa for Africans!
PDL National Secretary for Information and Mass Mobilisation.

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