Re: When did nato start supplying arms to the rebels
Source Louis Proyect
Date 11/04/20/09:21

On 4/20/11, Carrol Cox wrote:
> > The U.S. and EU have never once given support to an actual democratic
> > movement in any of the world's weaker nations. The question posed idn
> > teh subject line is redundant since it is a given that a movement
> > supported in any way by the EU or US is not a democratic movement. The
> > very existence of a debate among leftists on this topic is immenselly
> > sdaddening.

THE DEBATE HAS never been about intervention. It has been about the
character of the Qaddafi government. By analogy, I had debates with
Michael Karadjis of the Australian DSP over Milosevic, whether he was
trying to preserve Titoism in some fashion or not, etc. But neither
Karadjis or I supported NATO's war...

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