Paycheck Deception
Source Jim Key
Date 99/09/02/20:21

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When the House reconvenes after Labor Day, one of the first items it is
expected to take up is the Shays-Meehan campaign finance reform
During consideration of this bill, the GOP leadership has made in order an
amendment sponsored by Representative Goodling (R-Pa.) that embodies the
so-called "Paycheck Deception" legislation that the labor movement
successfully defeated in the last Congress.

The Goodling "Paycheck Deception" amendment is totally one-sided. It would
impose the burdensome advance authorization requirement on labor unions,
does not impose a similar requirement on corporations or other groups such
as the Chamber of Commerce, the National Rifle Association or the Christian
Coalition. In the 1998 elections corporations already outspent unions by a
margin of 11 to 1. The "Paycheck Deception" legislation would further tilt
the political playing field in favor of corporations and right wing groups
by making it more difficult for workers to communicate their views on

The Goodling "Paycheck Deception" amendment also violates the First
Amendment rights of working men and women. Under the First Amendment,
workers have the right to express their views and to freely associate. This
includes acting through a union to communicate their views on political
issues that have a direct impact on the well-being of working families,
as the minimum wage, workplace health and safety, pension and health care
legislation. But under the "Paycheck Deception" legislation, the ability of
workers to speak out on these issues would effectively be undermined.
For all of these reasons, the UAW and other unions are strongly urging
Representatives to vote against the Goodling "Paycheck Deception" amendment
when it is offered during the debate on the campaign finance reform
Please take the time to call, write or meet with your Representative on
critically important issue. Urge them to vote against the Goodling
Deception" amendment. Tell them to oppose any legislation that would stifle
the ability of workers to participate in the political process.
To telephone your Representative and Senators you can call the U.S. Capitol
switchboard at (202) 224-312 and ask for their offices.
Or use the UAW Congressional Action Center to help you easily create an
email thatís sent directly to your representative and senators, even if
re not sure of their names.

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