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> Buchanan Breaks Ranks
>It is impossible
> because Americans won't tolerate "another Vietnam" and don't intend to
> provide the military resources to make good on global commitments. . ."

Ah yes, and before people get sucked into the rhetoric of Pat's potential as
an ally, here is his farm proposal, some okay, some horrendous to the
max.(Note **)


Family Farm Bill of Rights

Full text of speech by Patrick J. Buchanan

** 1. Eliminate all inheritance and capital gains taxes.

** 2. INSIST that all countries that trade with the U.S. give American
farmers open access to their markets absent tariffs and quotas.

3. Abolish the IMF and end American taxpayer bailouts of foreign competitors
of U.S. farmers.

4. Review all embargoes and sanctions of foreign countries that use food
exports as a weapon.

5. Enforce existing anti-trust laws to prevent mega-mergers from forcing the
vertical integration of American agriculture.

6. Require price disclosure.

7. Support ethanol production as integral to a policy of national energy

** 8. Rewrite the Endangered Species Act to require a vote of Congress on
every species listed as endangered.

** 9. Launch a regulatory revolution by exempting family farms from OSHA,
imposing a moratorium on all new regulation, requiring a sunset provision of
five years on all regulation, and instituting a defined annual cutback in
regulatory paperwork.

** 10. Restore farmers' Fifth Amendment property rights and end the
regulatory theft of property without just compensation.

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