Health Care: Medicare for All
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Date 11/02/16/00:32

Health Care: Medicare for All

Representative John Conyers reintroduced H. R. 676 February 11, 2011. With every "new session" of Congress, Conyers has reintroduced this bill since
2003, refining its language and presentation along the way.

H. R. 676 is the "Single Payer system" or "Universal Health Care" bill providing, medically necessary health care coverage to all citizens and persons on American soil.

The new bill, which at this writings has 25 sponsors (one pending) has been renamed the "Expanded and Improved Medicare for All" bill as the means to make the medical needs of our working class and the solution to the crisis in health care coverage understandable to the American proletariat.

"Single Payer system" or "Universal Health Care" proved to be slogans and concepts that could be refined and clarified.

"Medicare for all" or "Everybody in - Nobody Out" hits the nail on the head.

The organization of the fight for "Medicare for All" is being galvanized by the historic workers of the Rustbelt, with traditions of unions and self organization.

Let us March On Til Victory is Won/One.

Revolutionaries Unite.

Proletarians Unite.

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