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Date 11/02/06/13:10

IN AN EXCLUSIVE interview with The Brody File, Sarah Palin criticized President Obama for his handling of the situation in Egypt saying that this was his, “3am White House phone call” and, “that call went right to the answering machine.” Her answers about Egypt are the first time she’s talked publicly about the situation.

Palin sat down with me Friday evening in Santa Barbara, California after giving the keynote speech at the Reagan 100 Celebration Opening Banquet sponsored by the Young America’s Foundation.

In addition, she declared that, “much of the mainstream media is already becoming irrelevant” and she says since she has a degree in journalism she wants to help them do a better job. She also says that if she ran for President again she, “would continue on the same course of not really caring what other people say about me or worrying about the things that they make up, but having that thick skin and a steel spine.” She also explains in detail why she chose not to attend the CPAC conference next week. Finally, she opens up about her devotional life and her faith in Jesus Christ saying, “, I’m reminded so often of 2 Timothy 1:7 knowing that God does not give us a spirit of timidity or of fear, but he gives us a spirit of power and love and a sound mind.”

Sarah Palin: “Remember, President Reagan lived that mantra trust but verify. We want to be able to trust those who are screaming for democracy there in Egypt, that it is a true sincere desire for freedoms and the challenge that we have though, is how do we verify what it is that we are being told, what it is that the American public are being fed via media, via the protestors, via the government there in Egypt in order for us to really have some sound information to make wise decisions on what our position is. Trust but verify, and try to understand is what I would hope our leaders are engaged in right now. Who’s going to fill the void? Mubarak, he’s gone, one way or the other you know, he is not going to be the leader of Egypt, that that’s a given, so now the information needs to be gathered and understood as to who it will be that fills now the void in the government. Is it going to be the Muslim Brotherhood? We should not stand for that, or with that or by that. Any radical Islamists, no that is not who we should be supporting and standing by, so we need to find out who was behind all of the turmoil and the revolt and the protests so that good decisions can be made in terms of who we will stand by and support.”

On President Obama’s handling of the crisis in Egypt:

Sarah Palin: “It’s a difficult situation, this is that 3am White House phone call and it seems for many of us trying to get that information from our leader in the White House it it seems that that call went right to um the answering machine. And nobody yet has, no body yet has explained to the American public what they know, and surely they know more than the rest of us know who it is who will be taking the place of Mubarak and I'm not real enthused about what it is that that’s being done on a national level and from DC in regards to understanding all the situation there in Egypt. And in these areas that are so volatile right now because obviously it’s not just Egypt but the other countries too where we are seeing uprisings, we know that now more than ever, we need strength and sound mind there in the White House. We need to know what it is that America stands for so we know who it is that America will stand with. And we do not have all that information yet.”

Does she want to make the mainstream media irrelevant?

Sarah Palin: I think much of the mainstream media is already becoming irrelevant. Because there is not balance in many cases, david, there is not truth coming out of the mainstream media and I know that first hand, I live it everyday. And what would give me great joy is if what would become irrelevant is just the untruthful the misreporting out there. I want the mainstream media, and I’ve said this for a couple of years now, I want to help ‘em. I want. I have a journalism degree, that is what I studied. I understand that this cornerstone of our democracy is a free press, is sound journalism. I want to help them build back their reputation. And allow Americans to be able to trust what it is that they are reporting. We’re so far from being able to trust what so many of the mainstream media personalities, characters, feed the American public that it scares me for our country. What would give me great joy is what would become irrelevant is the misreporting that comes out of the mainstream media.

If she runs for President, what might she do differently?

Sarah Palin: “I would continue on the same course of not really caring what other people say about me or worrying about the things that they make up, but having that thick skin and a steel spine, knowing that what is needed in America are those things that Ronald Reagan did espouse and what he lived and not worrying about what the critics are going to say about me or my family or what it is that I stand for because I do believe, David, that there are more commonsense conservative Americans on our side on the issues that we stand for than there are those who oppose the idea of individualism and God given liberty and opportunity to work hard and to progress according to our own work ethic and our own merits. I would continue to believe that there are more who are believers in those values than there are not, so I would continue down that same path.”

On the attacks in the media:

Sarah Palin: “You know, I’m reminded so often of 2 Timothy 1:7 knowing that God does not give us a spirit of timidity or of fear, but he gives us a spirit of power and love and a sound mind. A sound mind so that we can keep things in perspective. We can stay grounded, we can know what is real, we can know truth, so just calling on that verse, reminding myself over and over again what’s God promises, that gets me through the tough times.”

On her devotional life:

Sarah Palin: “Time is our most precious resource. How we choose to spend time I think is a reflection on what’s most important to us. I am going to read my Bible every day. I am going to dig in there and seek God’s wisdom and direction in every step that I take so I prioritize time to make sure that that daily devotion is available. And I will participate in that. But it’s not just carving some time out of the day to read the Word and to journal what you know, I believe I am gaining from the Word, but it is ongoing minute by minute asking God for the strength, for the direction for, He says we can ask for favor, I ask for favor in situations so that I can continue down the path. And it’s the most important thing in my life, my faith, so I prioritize to make sure that I’m spending the time that I need to stay all geared up.”

On her decision not to attend CPAC this year:

Sarah Palin: “Well, I’ve never attended a CPAC conference ever so I was a little taken aback this go around when I couldn’t make it to this one either and then there was a speculation well I either agree or disagree with some of the groups or issues that CPAC is discussing. It really is a matter of time for me. But when it comes to and David, perhaps what it is that you’re suggesting in the question is should the GOP, should conservatives not reach out to others, not participate in events or forums that perhaps are rising within those forums are issues that maybe we don’t personally agree with? And I say no, it’s like you being on a panel shoot, with a bunch of the liberal folks whom you have been on and you provide good information and balance, and you allow for healthy debate, which is needed in order for people to gather information and make up their own minds about issues. I look at participation in an event like CPAC or any other event, along, or kind of in that same vein as the more information that people have the better.”

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