Re: Re: civility
Source Lakshmi Rhone
Date 11/01/17/23:03

Is Obama pro-business? Of course. In the old terminology of Marxist theories of state, he is pro-business for both structural and instrumental (Daley) reasons. Does he give business a lot for the weakest of reforms, e.g. insurance companies millions of new customers without much regulation or a public option? Of course. But are the meager reforms unacceptable for many businessmen? Yes. That is why they have bought Boehner and company. Is a right wing opposition more likely to gain power than a left wing opposition at this point. Seems that way. Does paranoia about Obama's secret agenda for reparations and devotion to the umma, his not really being an American-born citizen, have anything to do with that? Yes a lot. Why would anyone in their right mind not understand that when Sheriff Dupnik calls for more civility he is pointing to the dangers of paranoid, racist illegal alien hating paranoia? Is the left going to define itself in opposition to Dupnik? How stupid would you have to be do that? Why would anyone deny this danger in terms of its effects on paranoid schizophrenics and the American people as a whole? One would have to be idiotic, out-of-touch leftist to do that.

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