Rethinking the question of a revolutionary program
Source Charles Brown
Date 11/01/07/14:01

Here's the Labor Party program which would constitute a good core
program for working class partisans.
WE, THE members of this Labor Party, see ourselves as keepers of the
American Dream of opportunity, fairness, and justice.

In our American Dream, we all have the right:

* To a decent paying job and a decent place to live
* To join a union freely without fear of being fired or other retribution.
* To strike without fear of losing our job.
* Not to be discriminated against because of our race, gender,
ethnicity, disability, national origin, or sexual orientation, at work
or in our communities.
* To free, quality public education for ourselves and our children.
* To universal access to publicly-funded, comprehensive, quality
health care for all residents.
* To retire at a decent standard of living after a lifetime of work.
* To quality of life in our communities enhanced by a fully funded
public sector.
* The Democratic and Republican parties serve the corporate
interests that finance them.
* We oppose corporate power that undermines democratic
institutions and governments.
* We oppose corporate politicians and parties that provide
billions in corporate tax breaks and subsidies to the rich, selling
themselves to the highest bidder.
* We reject the false choice of jobs versus environmental
responsibility. We will not be held hostage by corporate polluters who
poison our workplaces and our communities.
* We reject the redistribution of billions of dollars of wealth
from poor and working people to the rich.
* And we reject every opportunist who plays the race, gender, or
immigrant card to keep us from addressing our real needs, and the
needs of our families and communities.

Our Labor Party understands that our struggle for democracy pits us
against a corporate elite that will fight hard to retain its powers
and privileges. This is the struggle of our generation. The future of
our children and their children hangs in the balance. It is a struggle
we cannot afford to lose.

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