Re: Re: Abortion
Source Yoshie Furuhashi
Date 99/08/15/13:20

Hi Ellen:
>The anti-abortion folks know very well that
>these limits will have little impact on the
>number of abortions performed.

Another reason why there can't be negotiation is that the anti-abortion
movement is not fundamentally concerned about the number or kind of
abortion, so there is nothing to negotiate about from their point of view
either. What they object to is the very idea that women don't pay for sex
by pregnancy and child-birth. That's why they are against sex education,
free distribution of contraception at school, homosexuality, etc. as well.
The root problem for them is not abortion per se; what they rage against is
the changed and changing social capacity and status of women--our
independence from men, marriage, motherhood, and other gender-defining

You know this already, but I figure I'll mention it on the list anyway.


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