Insulated Realities
Source Jim Craven
Date 99/08/12/00:17

I'm sorry but some of our insulated and pampered academics on this list
really piss me off. This shit about "Well this isn't Germany", "Well the
conditions in Italy and Germany" were unique", Well fascism is not in
America and will not come in any form, if it comes, resembling German and
Italian fascism". Well we have some basic "freedoms" we can use and defend
but to use them we must be "consistent"....

Yes, there are all sorts of freedoms for pampered white, insulated
academics. Yes there is all sorts of freedom to write esoteric
jargon-riddled "progressive tracts" that no one but some other insulated and
pampered academic will read. Yes you can call yourself a communist as long
as you are tenured and don't really act like one and actually do "field
work" with the oppressed objects of your research. Yes, you can do all sorts
of anti-capitalist or anti-state "research" as long as it is published in
come marginal irrrevelent journal and you don't actually act on anything you
write. Yes, you can do "heterodox" economics as long as you politely debate,
as long as the subject is esoteric enough that no one can act on it and as
long as you pay due homage to the "mainstream" by attempting to "attack" the
mainstream by staying within its parameters of jargon and scope/angles of
analysis. Yes you can think/speak/write all sorts of "radical" things in
America as long as you don't actually act on anything.

Why don't some of you heroes of the revolution write to Leonard Peltier for
his opinion about the state of civil rights, freedom and the prospects of
fascism in America? All over this country Indian activists are being found
dead and the BIA/US Government refuse to investigate their deaths. And
further, one of the reasons why we don't have full-blown or even close to
fascism YET in America, is because all over the imperial possessions, the
ones that bring cheap shoes, gas and shirts and mega-profits back to
America, there is indeed full-blown fascist repression going on. Not as open
as in Germany and Italy, but it is there--death squads (Einsatzgruppen) and

There were some in Germany who said some of the same shit as is being
repeated here: "It" can't happen here; this is the land of Beethoven and
Goethe and culture... such ugliness could never happen here. Another issue
is how you define fascism. The level of sophistication and extent of
surveillance in the US is staggering. Why do you think NSA's project echelon
is going on. Do you remember in the Iran-Contra hearings when Congressman
Jack Brooks mentioned "REX 84" and Inouye immediately said, "stop, that is
classified, do not go further" (REX 84 was an exercise to round up illegals
and put them in special detention centres; it was later acknowledged as an
exercise to determine how fast and effectely targeted "subversives" could be
rounded up and detained.) Why the proliferation of grants funding "sensory
deprivation" research and its use in interrogation techniques going back to
the 60s and a hot item today?

What do you think it means when Indian Reservations are being targeted as
low-cost (no regulation)
dump sites for the most dangerous radioactive and toxic wastes (instead of
herding victims into chambers utilizing deadly chemicals to kill them, now
we bring the deadly chemicals to the targeted victims)? So everyone says
"yes, genocide, as defined by the UN Convention 1948 is indeed going on in
the US Canada and elsewhere, yes it is terrible, but, this is not fascism
like German or Italy. Why, because those saying it are white, pampered,
insulated and frankly do not really say or do anything really dangerous to
the system.. Of course for you, America is not and never will be like
Germany. We still have rights we can use in struggle (we can afford

Fuck you, you racist scum.

Jim Craven

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