China: U.S. Target
Source Charles Brown
Date 99/07/30/15:35

China: U.S. target

By Victor Perlo

Anti-China propaganda by the U.S. government, the establishment media
and various private organizations has escalated sharply. Washington has
taken important anti-China actions: blocking China's entry into the
World Trade Organization; trying to break away Tibet and Sinkiang
provinces from China; threatening military action to prevent Chinese
assertion of its sovereignty over Taiwan. Why?

Economic and political issues are involved. China, the most populous
country in the world, remains a socialist state, despite its concessions
to some capitalist enterprises. As such, since the disintegration of the
USSR, it is considered Public Enemy #1 to the imperialist agenda of the
United States: world domination. With the support of U.S. propaganda,
anti-Chinese issues are a constant diet.

Much noise is made about the U.S. trade deficit with China; hardly any
mention is made of the larger deficit with Japan. In fact, the deficit
with China in the first five months of this year was below last year's
rate, although the overall trade deficit went up. Misleading articles by
journalists report the "slowing down of the Chinese economy," slanted to
give the erroneous impression that there is an actual decline. Actually
there is a slow deceleration - reduction in the rate of growth. But the
growth rate, still over 7 percent per year, is one few countries can

The latest negative revelation on Chinese deflation is that living costs
are going down. But even The New York Times reported that that's because
people are saving instead of spending their income. And only near the
end of the long article is it revealed that Chinese consumer spending
this year has gone up at a 6.4 percent annual rate - slightly less than
last year's. Thus, taking account of lower prices, the Chinese are
getting an 8 percent or larger volume of goods and services.

The Chinese government is spending vast sums for infrastructure, many
times more, relative to the size of its economy, than any proposed in
the United States. This program will combine useful projects with
reemployment of millions of workers. It is possible because of China's
socialist government's ownership of key sectors of production and its
central planning.

China's situation contrasts with the deepening decline in the Japanese
economy, the still unresolved bad debt problems in other Asian
countries, Latin America and Russia.

Now consider the fact that probably 80-90 percent of the $28 billion
annual U.S. intelligence budget is directed against countries headed by
Communist parties. And China is by far the largest. Thousands of CIA
agents are posted there, fostering and financing economic sabotage,
mobilizing and manipulating counter-revolutionary political groups. When
Chinese authorities catch any of these spies, these agents are promoted
by the U.S. media as "dissidents" being undemocratically abused.
Unfortunately, sincere liberal and progressive U.S. groups support these
campaigns for "human rights" in China.

Much attention is given to the Dalai Lama of Tibet, the traditional high
priest, who is allied with the ruling feudal lords and international
traders. Since the victory of the Chinese revolution and the "exile" of
the then-14-year-old Dalai Lama and his cohorts, attempts to split off
Tibet have been constant, despite China's centuries-long sovereignty
over Tibet.

FDR explicitly recognized Tibet as part of China, but since his death
and the onset of the Cold War, U.S. presidents and the CIA have
organized and supported attempts to break Tibet away. Recently President
Clinton thumbed his nose at China by hosting the Dalai Lama in the White
House at a session like those normally granted heads of state.

The latest development is the fuss being made about a cult that is
combining special exercises with anti-government demonstrations. The
group's leader lives in New York City! (I don't know whether he is a
U.S. citizen.) There have been two other comparable organizations,
formerly, that were a cover for anti-regime movements.


From the 07/31/99 edition of the People's Weekly World newspaper
235 West 23rd Street; New York, NY 10011

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