Why a "Vote No" on the Convention Center Ballot Question is the Right Choice
Source Ted Freeman
Date 08/07/30/06:35

Pueblo: This Will Cost You Money

Here’s Why a “Vote No” on the Convention Center Ballot Question is the Right Choice.

IT DOESN'T matter if it is called a tax or fee, the money is out of your pocket. Where’s the value to the community?

• National studies show the number and attendance of conventions and trade shows have been decreasing. It is a fact!

• The Urban Renewal Authority (URA), the gatekeepers of the Convention Center, has not been able to prove that the expansion will bring in a significant amount of out-of-town business to Pueblo. We have requested past performance records, URA provided incomplete and inaccurate files, leading one to question the credibility of the URA.

• The Convention Center operated at a deficit every year and will continue to do so even with the expansion. During the years 2005, 2006, and 2007 the operating deficit averaged $400,000 each year (Pueblo Chieftain, 6-4-08). City Attorney, told the City Council (6-9-08) that the Convention Center deficit was $500,000 for 2007.

• Each year we send Global Spectrum, the Convention Center management firm, over $120,000. In 2007 checks were written to Global Spectrum for over $150,000 (2007 Convention Center check history)

• Financing for the expansion would include paying interest only until the year 2019. What will the actual cost at the payoff year 2029 be, 14 million, 20 million? Remember the URA and the City has a history of cost over runs.
• We have until 2019 to make the decision as to how to spend the Vendor’s Fees or to stop collecting it after 2019. There should be other choices, beside the Convention Center expansion. Citizens of Pueblo think about what we really need.

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Pueblo Citizens for Positive Change (PCPC), contact Ted Freeman 544-4479 and Alvin Rivera 566-0069. Volunteer contributions paid for this flyer.

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