No Justification of the Convention Center Expansion
Source Ted Freeman
Date 08/06/25/10:05

Pueblo Citizens for Positive Change
425 West 23rd Street
Pueblo, CO 81003
719- 544-4479

June 20, 2008

Mike Tedesco, Executive Director
Urban Renewal Authority (URA) of Pueblo
126 N. Mechanic Street
Pueblo, CO 81003

Re: Justification of Convention Center Expansion

Dear Mr. Tedesco,

The Pueblo Citizens for Positive Change (PCPC) has requested verifiable lost business reports and booked business reports on a number of occasions. The first responses from the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) indicated that the information was proprietary and not available to the public(Oct. 12,2007, Nov. 19, 2007, Nov.21,2007). More recently several more requests were presented to the URA for verifiable lost business information (Jan.16, 2008, Feb.7, 2008, Mar.5,2008) This time the URA responded with a list of 110 mixed type of events which you claim were not held at the Convention Center for the following reason: No Space available on requested day and time. Since the report is missing the verifiable information requested to document your claim for expansion, we question the premise in which you make such false claims. Consequently, unless other information exists that you have not yet provided, the lost business report supplied does not and should not be used to justify the Convention Expansion.

This is the third year that the City and Urban Renewal Authority (URA) has placed the expansion to the Convention Center on the ballot. We have serious concerns why, with the passage of so much time, that the URA and Global Spectrum have failed to maintained records of lost business opportunities. Moreover, even a passive executive would be alerted that the lost business report information would be essential to justify “lost business” when making one’s claim for any Convention Center expansion.

At the June 9th City Council meeting an employee of the Convention Center made public three different events that could not be held at the Convention Center, or had to be rescheduled. Since these events were made public they are no longer proprietary information. Therefore, again we are offering the URA the opportunity to justify the expansion to the Convention Center. Though it is difficult to believe the loss of three opportunities justify spending millions of dollars.

Through the Open Records Act (CRS24-72-203) the name of each group, the event type, the date of call, the date requested, event type, market segment, market region and estimated revenues is requested. In addition, the name of the primary contact of each group which will allow the verification of the circumstances surrounding the Convention Center and the booking of the event. To be sure we are clear on the precise information requested, I am providing you with an example below:

Name of Group Date of Call Date Requested Event Type Market Segment
Nuts and Bolts, Inc 3/5/2007 10/12/2008 Conference Corporation

Market Region Estimated Revenues Name of Contact
Regional $6,000.00 John Doe

Your cooperation in supplying the requested information is greatly appreciated.


Ted Freeman, Co-President Alvin Rivera, Co-President

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