Downgrade the Master Plan to fit within existing parameters
Source Doug Ohmans
Date 08/06/11/06:43

HOW DO YOU do? My name is J. Doug Ohmans. I live on the East Side at Sixth and Hudson. I also own properties in Mr. Aguilera's district. Last Wednesday the second murder relating to the E. 4th St. 7-11, two blocks from my house, took place. A man leaving a bar across the street with a little money was killed. Two months ago thieves cut out my copper plumbing to sell as scrap. Everyone can report antisocial behavior on the East Side, to say the least. The gunshots are getting scary. In five years my adopted home of Pueblo has gone downhill, so it seems.

Meanwhile, the City Council is fixated on an old-fashioned downtown showcase concept. If only the cavernous lobby of the Convention Center, usually forbiddingly empty, were four times that size! Then fly-by-night rip-off outfits like e-Profits, documented scam artists with 87 complaints to the Utah Better Business Bureau, will continue to be accepted back year after year, and continue to purchase full-page ads in the Chieftain. Even gambling, also rejected by the voters, may seem necessary to keep the monster afloat.

The Y-neighborhoods desperately need your attention, more welfare, and a greater portion of the disputed vendors' fees. The Convention Center lost close to half a million dollars last year. Now they want to invest another eight million dollars or more, plus 3.5 million for a parking garage, on a promise which is mostly promising to the developers.

The real “king has no clothes” issue tonight is the City Council's threadbare pretense that it is democracy to put this idea to a third vote, following rejections in 2004 and 2007. None of the proponents tonite mentioned that. Is it not relevant? This kind of leadership is for the birds, not for heroes who should instead discard their master plan and adapt to the will of the people.

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