i am not an attorney, thank god
Source Larry Fancher
Date 08/04/18/07:31

For the record: I am not an attorney. I am an educator, a commentator, a writer, a fisherman, a hunter, a hiker, not an attorney. There are not enough police because there is no money. the money is tied up for golfers at Walking Stick, the HARP, Convention Center, etc. Writing letters wanting cops is a great idea that Councilman Aguilera seeks. I support him totally. Great idea Ray. Yet where will the money come from?? Do we need to annex more land where we will need more cops? Council is the problem is there is a shortage of police. Council is at fault as much as the Pueblo City County Health Department for the EPIDEMIC ALCOHOL ABUSE AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN OUR CITY. When has anyone on councilor at the health department made public comments that these are two serious problems in our community????

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