This Will Cost You Money
Source Ted Freeman
Date 08/04/15/11:10

HERE'S WHY a “Vote No” on the Convention Center Expansion is the Right Choice.

It doesn’t matter if it is called a tax or fee, the money is out of your pocket. Where’s the value to the community?

• Documentation shows the number and attendance of conventions and trade shows have been decreasing.
• The Urban Renewal Authority has not been able to prove that the expansion will bring in a significant amount of out-of-town business to Pueblo.
• People in favor of the expansion claim the expansion will create jobs but what kind of jobs, low paying jobs with no benefits.
• The Convention Center operated at a deficit every year and will continue to do so even with the expansion. During the years 2005, 2006, and 2007 the operating deficit was over one-half million dollars for each year.
• Each year we send Global Spectrum, the Convention Center management firm, over $120,000. In 2007 checks were written to Global Spectrum for over $150,000.
• Financing for the expansion would include paying interest only until the year 2019 bringing the real cost of the expansion well over $20 million dollars.

Pueblo Citizens for Positive Change, contact Ted Freeman 544-4479 and Alvin Rivera 566-0069.

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