An activist's view
Source Larry Fancher
Date 08/04/12/07:08

YES THE WHOLE thing looks great until you place our run down and neglected older neighborhoods beside the convention center power brokers and their projects that have not had the success that were alleged would come upon completion of the HARP and the convention center. The older neighborhoods have been paying the taxes that have paid for the convention center, the HARP and numerous other schemes that have all been held out as being GOOD FOR US ALL when we see only the contractors and material suppliers benefitting the most. Those that sold their land to Authority and for tha HARP have reaped vast profits for otherwise worthless land. The time has come for this city council to start putting more money into repairing the older neighborhoods infrastructures found in the "Y" zone if the bleeding of residents to Pueblo West is to end. The older neighborhoods are crime infested, gang ridden, slum lord dominated housing environments where decent people who wish to have a better life are trapped because they have homes there that they own and cannot sell for a decent price. When these people finally give up and sell their homes for pennies on the dollar for what they should be worth then we all lose. When residents in these old neighborhoods leave then trouble moves in. The slumlords (INVESTORS) What makes them leave? An epidemic of domestic violence fueled by rampant drug and alochol abuse which we lack enough police support to curtail. The bar owners and the liquor store owners reap rediculous profits off of this human misery while our City County Health Department Director sings a flat and tired tune about e.coli in the Fountain Creek. Who really cares about the e.coli in the Fountain Creek but the old men on the editorial board at the Pueblo Chieftain who cannot get over the fact that the chieftain newspaper has zero circulation in Colorado Springs and that business people in Colorado Springs refuse to advertise in a newspaper that is on a Jihad against the City Of Colorado Springs whos growth is envied by the power elite in Pueblo politics.

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