Re: The mechanics of socialism
Source Carrol Cox
Date 09/10/24/07:32

You cannot 'blueprint' human activity. You cannot accurately theorize
the conditions under which human activity in the future will take place.
You cannot blueprit the constraints on that activity. You cannot even in
fantasy conceptualize and blueprint the opportunities which will arise.
You cannot blueprint or predict changes in preferences. And the very
existence of a blueprint is an invitation for the formation of a
totalitarian state, since such a blueprint divides the population into
"scientists" who understand the blueprint (which will grow in
complexity) and the bulk of the population whose only function is to be
passively happy in accordance with the wisdomof their LEADERS.

Humans WILL make their own history, disregarding the pomposity of
academics and journalists who wish to impose their little bluepritns on

Sweezy ppointed out long ago that there can be no sciende of socialism
because socialism is freedom, but science is by its very nature elitist.

And you will draw up a blueprint that embodies the needs and desires and
preconceptions generated by capitalism.

And after you draw it up it will be filed away in libraries and
(thankjully) forgotten, as it will be of no use ingenerating struggle
against [some condition whch we can't predict], a struggle out of which
will grow the necessity of expansion to overthrow capitalist relations,
and within that struggle humans will build their own history, not check
on the maunderings of the professors of thei grandparents' era.


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