'McCain Revealed: The Briefing Book'
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Date 08/03/12/14:13

WORKING FAMILIES ACROSS this country are facing all kinds of
hardships: a staggering economy, stagnant wages, a broken health
care system, a home foreclosure and housing crisis, a
disastrously flawed U.S. trade policy and a hostile climate for
workers seeking to form unions.

But someone must have forgotten to tell Sen. John McCain
(Ariz.), who has clinched the Republican presidential
nomination. "I still believe our fundamental underpinnings of
our economy are strong," McCain said recently.

It's no wonder--McCain has said economic issues are something
he's "never really understood."

As the Democratic nomation fight continues, it's time working
families understand John McCain's poor record on working family
issues. Here's a quick look:

--McCain--Wrong on Trade: McCain has cast vote after vote for
every free trade agreement under the sun, including the most
devastating agreement in our history, the North American Free
Trade Agreement (NAFTA). He has gone on to praise NAFTA and its
effects and has voted to make it easier for the president to
enter into agreements without strong worker protections.

--McCain--Wrong on Workers: McCain voted to block the Employee
Free Choice Act and supported a national "right to work" for
less law. He supported President Bush's tax cuts for the
wealthiest Americans while voting against raising the minimum

--McCain--Wrong on Jobs: McCain has made it a point to tell
audiences that some jobs "aren't coming back." What he doesn't
often explain is his role in exporting those jobs in the first
place. McCain voted against prohibiting the overseas outsourcing
of government contracts and voted to privatize federal jobs. He
also voted to contract out federal jobs. And McCain has
certainly done little to aid those who have lost their jobs,
voting against the extension of federal unemployment insurance

--McCain--Wrong on Social Security: McCain voted for Bush's
Social Security privatization plan and says the only solution to
fixing Social Security is through private accounts.

--McCain--Wrong on Health Care: McCain wants to make health care
premiums part of taxable income, creating a new tax for working
families. His plan would force working families to fend for
themselves in the private insurance market and undermine
employer-based health care. In addition, McCain has voted to
slash funding for Medicare and opposed the reauthorization and
new funding for the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

--McCain--Wrong on George W. Bush: Since President Bush took
office, McCain has supported Bush's positions 89 percent of the
time. McCain's support of Bush's policies reached as high as 95
percent in 2007.

Over the coming weeks, we'll share more information with you
about Sen. McCain's record on the issues, including the economy,
jobs, health care, trade, workers' rights and retirement

For now, take a look at "McCain Revealed: The Briefing Book,"
and send it to your friends and family:

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