The Price of NATO's "Humanitarianism"
Source Michael Eisenscher
Date 99/06/10/09:53

June 8, 1999
Dow Jones Newswires
NATO Strikes Killed 2,000, Wounded 5,000 - Tanjug
BELGRADE (AP)--More than 2,000 civilians have been killed and more than 5,000
wounded in 11 weeks of NATO air raids on Yugoslavia, the official Tanjug news
agency reported Wednesday.
The agency said the victims of NATO bombing included women, children, elderly
and hospital patients. Tanjug added the country's infrastructure and economy
have been heavily damaged.
"Under excuse that it was trying to prevent an alleged humanitarian catastrophe
in one part (of Yugoslavia) - Kosovo and Metohija- the alliance's aviation
created a true humanitarian catastrophe," Tanjug said in its report.
Serbs refer to the province as "Kosovo and Metohija."
NATO launched its air campaign on March 24 to halt the suffering of ethnic
Albanians in Kosovo, where the Serb-led government forces fought the rebel
secessionists. Yugoslavia denied reports of a humanitarian catastrophe in the
province accusing NATO of looking for an excuse to bomb.

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