Source Stephanie Phibbs
Date 99/06/05/15:40

June 1, 1999

In an outrageous effort to suppress the June 5 anti-war March on the
Pentagon, the police authorities have denied a permit to march on the
streets to the Pentagon. We are launching a massive political and
media campaign to demand the right of the protest to march in the
streets of Virginia. We believe the White House and the Pentagon are
colluding with local police agencies in this effort.

We are appealing to all those who believe in free speech and
especially to those who oppose the war in Yugoslavia to assist us in a
phone, fax, and email campaign to protect the first amendment rights
of all those who plan to participate in the June 5 March on the

With just three days to go before the June 5 March on the Pentagon,
the Arlington County Police have denied the June 5th demonstration the
right to march on a small stretch of Virginia roadway between the
Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, located in Washington DC, and the Pentagon
building, located in Virginia. This is an arbitrary and political
decision. It is an outrageous attempt to violate the first amendment
right to free speech. It is an attempt to either stop the June 5th
March on the Pentagon or to create a chaotic situation at the
demonstration. While denying the right of the marchers to the
roadways leading to the Pentagon, police authorities are trying to
reroute the march into a narrow and dangerous bike trail that at
points becomes a single-file line, crossing a major highway. The
police know that this is not a safe or tenable route for a march of
ten thousand or more. The Arlington County Police refuse to return
phone calls from the organizers and attorneys of the June 5 march.

The June 5 demonstration is the largest mobilization to date against
the U.S./NATO war in Yugoslavia. We believe that it is impossible for
the county of Arlington police to unilaterally try to prevent us from
carrying out an orderly demonstration. We hold the Clinton White
House and Virginia Governor James Gilmore responsible for this
flagrant violation of our rights.

We will not be stopped. The war in Yugoslavia has killed thousands of
innocent civilians. We will not allow the U.S. authorities to stop
the anti-war movement from exercising its rights.

Please immediately phone and/or fax to the following authorities an
angry protest against the denial of our rights to march on the streets
to the Pentagon. Tell the authorities, we demand the right to march
on Route 27 to the Pentagon. Please phone and/or fax to the

(1) White House--phone: (202) 456-1414, fax: (202) 456-2461,

(2) Justice Department/Attorney General Janet Reno--phone: (202)
514-2000 (Dept. of Justice, ask for Janet Reno), fax: (202) 514-0323

(3) Gov. James Gilmore, Virginia--phone: (804) 786-2211, fax: (804)

(4) Arlington County Police--phone: (703) 228-4252, (703)
558-2222; fax: (703) 228-4127, (703) 228-4192

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