'bourgeois stupidity'
Source Tom Walker - Sandwichman
Date 08/03/02/12:47

I'M THINKING IT'S something deeper than mere wishful thinking,
although it certainly incorporates wishful thinking into that depth. I
suspect it's more like a rhetorical 'concession to the consensus' that
seeks to qualify his short-term deviance with a conciliatory
longer-term view of convergence -- even though that convergence may be
based on wishful thinking rather than on data. Perhaps all 'bourgeois
stupidity' is based on just such a reflex.

On 3/2/08, Jim Devine wrote:
>>> > > > Happily, Mr. Biderman does not expect the recession to last much
> > > > longer than the end of 2008. "I see this thing lasting longer than the
> > > > bulls think but not as deep as the bears expect," he said. "People
> > > > will start feeling better late this year."

> > Sandwichman wrote:
> > > And ("happily") his long term prognosis is based on... ?

> > wishful thinking, methinks.

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