Source Savanna Seib
Date 07/10/16/22:56

i need some help finding a topic for my paper...can you give me a few suggestions please?! and also can you explain what exactly you want in this paper i'm a little cofused about it still...thank you!


Hi Savanna,
Since you don't give me anything to go on, how about...
figure out all the reasons why Wal-Mart has lower food
prices than Safeway, or
talk about advertising in terms of supply and demand,
e.g. it increases demand but adds to costs, so is it
beneficial, etc.
See Krugman p.61 and p.66 for reasons why the demand
and supply curves shift. Your job is to apply reasons
like those to a real-life price change you notice. For
instance, oil just hit $88/barrel - was it ever higher...
Keep asking the question, why.
Hope this helps.

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