Thoughts on Market Populism
Source Kurt Rinehart
Date 01/10/16/23:43

I think that the idea that what I buy is a political statement is very interesting. I guess in a way this may be true. I tend to buy things that help me and this must be some form voting. I like that the article states that Bill Gates is a common man. I liked that part about the young guy with the goatee taking the place of the wealthy aristocrat. I like that racism and sexism are dwindling out. At the end of the article he talks about the growing gap between CEO's and the worker. About how companies keep the worker's salary from climbing. I can see that there is a class seperation between the haves and have nots. I think that this is only a matter of risk and situation as to weither you can be in either group. I am not sure how I feel or logically agree with what the writer says about the Republicans or Democrats and the economy.

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