On the Futility of the Ecology Movement
Source Carrol Cox
Date 07/06/26/00:13

Paul Phillips wrote:
> But what it does say is that private property rights is no answer to
> collapsing fish stocks, particularly as long as Japan, Spain, etc. defy
> international regulation and refuse to abide by the social regulation of
> the commons by their destructive overfishing, driftnetting, etc. of so-
> called international waters. The tragedy of the commons is, rather, the
> tragedy of capitalist imperialism upon the local social regulation that
> makes the commons an efficient community production resource.

The ecology movement, particularly as it focuses on global warming,
proceeds on the assumption that many nations, constituting sharply
conflicting interests, and many capitalist groups, constituting sharply
conflicting interests, can, under present global political and economic
conditions, come to shared policies applied globally to control global
warming. This is not going to happen. The effort needs to continue but
leftists engaged in it should do their thinking in terms of building
movements which can best confront the problems inevitable under
conditions of global warming, and not deceive themselves with the belief
that popular movements can force capitalist regimes to deal with
problems which are inherently unmanageable under capitalism.

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