Who Am I?
Source Jonathan Zamora
Date 07/02/11/18:33

Well let start off with my name. Jonathan Andrew Zamora. Born in Gilroy, California (Garlic capital of the world and home of The Eagles Quaterback Jeff Garcia)... not that exciting, but it is just a few miles away from the ocean. Spent many summers bummin and surfing day after day. Now I'm in Pueblo, Colorado... down grade. Currently studying Criminal Justice and getting bored with it. Thinking of switching to Athletic Training. I work at the Pueblo Athletic Club and I work out all the time so I think becoming a personal trainer would be a fun career. I lose interest in things once they become a bor. But i'm working on that too. I'm a very spontaneous person and I like to keep busy (which I'm am finding very hard to do in Pueblo). One day I will find my place.

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