Colorado Springs Who Am I
Source Sabrina Magraff
Date 06/09/04/02:00

Sabrina Magraff

September 2, 2006

Colorado Ė Who Am I

Eco 202

My name is Sabrina Magraff. I am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. Iíve been here in Colorado Springs for a year, and 9 months almost. I arrived hear on New Yearís Day of 2005. I was here before the Katrina storm, working an overnight shift as a desk clerk when I heard the news that my home city had a bad storm, and that there was an evacuation. I donít do much here yet in Colorado, but if I were at home it would be a different story. I would to take long walks along the river in New Orleans, ride the ferry and I could travel all day there and never get tired. I love good music, I like to sing sometimes, good movies, and I like to write poetry. I have created a book of self written poetry of my own since the year of 2000. I plan to finish my education, and eventually purchased my home if they could develop a stable environment in which to purchase it in; although in the near future I do intend to purchase this home in order to make that kind of investment a lot of things will have to be considered in order to do so. The best thing about Colorado Springs so far is the snow which we did not get a lot of in my hometown.

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