Source RaymondKolman
Date 05/06/03/14:11

I am what God made me. I realy do not know were I will end up in this flesh, but I know God directs my course no matter how stuburn I am. I am a sinner just as every one in this world is. I have no hope of acheaving salvation or perfection. Through myself I am lost.God chooses who he will. Christ Jesus is the only Son of God he for whatever reason chose to give me the free gift of salvation. I worship him in spirit not in flesh. Jesus bought me with a price so now I no longer serve sin but rather Christ (I still sin the same in flesh).My actions because of Christ will no longer be what damns me from heaven.The Comferter (Holy Spirit sent into Gods children after Christ Jesus' resurection), Christ and God are one. Eloheem is a plural used as a singular. Only Eloheem draws the spririt. So there is no "good" or bad I can do to make my creator Savahaw Eloheem Christ Jesus love me more or less. I am a servent,creation,and son of God Christ Jesus.

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