Who Am I?
Source Laura Latina
Date 04/09/21/21:31

My name is Laura Latina, I am a 22 year old SGT with a 17 month old daughter, Kayla. I am an activated reservist working for the 307th QM BN where I am a glorified secretary, but my MOS is a Chemical Operations Specialist (NBC NCO).

As a civilian, I worked as a Human Resource Director for a mortgage company in Denver Colorado. Unfortunately due to the change in the market, my office was not producing the numbers it needed to stay open, and the office was drastically reduced.

I have lived in Colorado for 4 years, but I am originally from Bogota, Colombia. I moved to the U.S. when I was 5, and I lived in Falls Church, VA for most of my life. I miss humidity and regular seasons, but there are so many redeeming qualities to Colorado, that you just can help but want to stay.

I am persuing economics as a possible minor to my BSBA degree. Currently I am also taking ENG 122, and I plan to start Microeconomics in the coming bimester.

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