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Source Dan Scanlan
Date 04/08/21/00:33

Patronize Small Businesses Week
August 22nd to August 28th

The Nader/Camejo Campaign is designating next week "Patronize Small
Businesses Week." Small businesses are a core of our community.
Unlike multi-nationals, small businesses won't leave the community
for cheaper labor in a far-off dictatorship-they stay loyal to the
community, build relationships, and help us grow together. So, we are
urging Nader/Camejo supporters and everyone else to patronize their
community shops.

While you are visiting your local businesses, note the personal
service and attention, converse about the community, and reflect on
how important it is that those businesses are there-to provide you
with the necessities of life. Visit your local hardware stores,
pharmacies, clothing boutiques, bookstores, bakeries, restaurants, or
independent music stores.

Reflect on how the "Big Box" stores like Wal-Mart and fast-food
chains like McDonald's actually do more harm than good to the local
economy. A research study in Lake Placid, NY found that for every job
created by Wal-Mart, one-and-a-half jobs were lost-due to the large
number of jobs that Wal-Mart takes through closure of small
businesses and their distributors.

Consider research in Austin, TX, finding that for each dollar spent
at two locally owned book and music stores, more than three times the
local economic activity of dollars was created than for every dollar
spent at a typical big chain bookstore.

How is it that local businesses help the economy grow, while chains
and Big Boxes undermine the economy?

    1. Local businesses have larger payrolls, employing their own ad
writers, buyers, accountants, and other employees that chains
centralize in a single headquarters.
    2. Locally-owned businesses make more of their own purchases locally.
    3. More of the profit made by a locally-owned business
re-circulates within the community through purchases from other
businesses and donations to local causes.
    4. Big Box retailers, shopping centers, and fast-food restaurants
cost taxpayers more than they pay for-higher road maintenance costs
and greater demand for public safety services (especially police
calls for commercial crime).
    5. Big Boxes and national chains get more subsidies, tax
abatements, and tax holidays through corporate welfare handouts from
government. Small businesses, by contrast, pay their fair share of

The Nader/Camejo Campaign urges you to make purchases in local
stores, help the economy grow, and take part in the heart of your

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