Spring 2004 - Who I am
Source Ashley Ross
Date 04/02/28/11:07

I'm 24. I'm single as of now, but I date a lot. I'm into property Management; it's a family business. There are other small business' I'm involved in. I travel a great deal. I attend poetry readings and slams weekly. I'm an artist and a muse. I've taken' most every course at Red Rocks, and I will be matriculating elsewhere soon so that I may have a new course schedule to play with. This semester I'm a politician. I've researched Theology for 6 years. I've been a Holistic Medical Practitioner for nearly 10 years. I've studied Astro-Geology for 4 years. Most of my jobs have been in assembly and house restoration. I'm currently involved in, and have been for several years, compiling my research of social science, and human behavior into a book. This is in part of my biography. As for persona, I pay attention to detail, I'm involved in a great number of social circles, many mistake me for a foreigner, I'm creative, as in I solve problems pertaining to things I have only an abstract understanding of.

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