Social Security in the Stock Market
Source John Lahr
Date 04/02/10/15:35


I think there is, as well, another problem with this proposed change to the
social security system.  The way an insurance system works is for
everyone to pay in and then those who need the assistance withdraw
some of the money.  In the case of social security, some people die
before withdrawing any or very much of the money that they put in.
In this way it's like term life insurance.  If people just put money in their
own accounts and then this money is available to their survivors, then
this is just a savings account system and not an insurance system.

John Lahr

Steve wrote:
To hide the problem, the Boob president
has proposed to make social security be a stock
market gamble. This will put a % of our Golden age
Golden Resident and Golden Hearted retirees
money each year into the pockets of NY, Boston,
or Houston based (Haliburton Securities...a yet to
be announced subsidiary) investment managers
(Bush Friends) and make the results of the investments
be a total gamble. The only guaranteed recipients
are the fund managers.... not the Golden Hearted
retirees who are here in Golden doing volunteer service
to this fine Golden city....named for Thomas Golden.

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