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Source Michael Hoover
Date 03/12/19/11:18

Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003
From: Michael Hoover

>Now you have
students working 20+ hours and trying to get an education.  I see high
numbers dropping out due to stress -- They try to rush through to get it
over with and cannot maintain the pace.  The quality of education
& as our neoclassical friends would say, human capital deteriorates.
Michael Perelman<

i inform students who now pay more than 40 cents of every tuition dollar
out of pocket to attend state
universities and community colleges in florida that out of pocket
expense was 15 cents of every dollar when i entered 30 plus years
ago...florida has never been hotbed of either higher ed or public goods
but this makes good private/exclusive - public/inclusive
and shows how situation has become more 'liberal' and less
'democratic' addition to increased wage labor that michael p.
mentions above (and hours are way about 20 at community college where i
teach), students pay for their education with loans, loans,
and more loans (government guaranteed scam for lending
industry)...  keep the x in xmas

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