the dollar debate
Source Kathleen
Date 01/03/17/08:52

I too agree that the dollar has no worth but what our society has put to it. As of today though that worth is quite high. Without the dollar, and only "value goods" to use, wouldn't it be interesting to see what stocks would truly be valued by the mass population. Would T.V. shows be big, or movies tickets increase in valued goods, what about the admission into Rocky Mountain National Park?

Some may say they get more value out of the use of a state park, that at this time only costs a $5.oo admission, then they do out of a $50.00 dinner out with their spouse. Or do people simply enjoy a day trip to the mountains because it is literally free for the valued enjoyment one may recieve from the experience. When the use of eignutils becomes norm will less people be drawn to the outdoors because the valued cost will be too high? Will office space with a view be outrageously more to rent, because the manager will know that there are people willing to put up more eignutils for it?

Setting up the barter system by it's value to the consumer maybe very good with certain items, but would there be a limit to how high the value would be, I may believe a movie is worth more eigenutils before I see it than afterwards,which is normally the case on average, knowing that, do I barter the value down first before watching the movie?

Even with such a system I personally believe that we would end up making a set value worth of goods and services as time went on. Manufacturers and buyers both would like a set price, it has helped us budget not only our money but how much effort we put into our work. Which would also be a good debat to have, would workers have to "really" begin working independently at a value of their managers or employers? We all have known of co-workers who we didn't think were doing their share or could work harder than what they were.Would this new system push those a bit harder to carry their own weight for a valued amount of eignutils...

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