Spring 2003-Josh Thompson
Source Josh Thompson
Date 03/01/27/12:40

Evidently, I'm supposed to talk about myself here. Well, I'm 19 years old, an Internet Programming major, and a wise guy.
I maintain multiple websites and work as a communications assistant for an association management company based out of Wheat Ridge, Colorado. I do the same things there that I'm "learning" to do in college, but the point is that they'll pay me more than $8/hour once I have a degree.
Other than my professional (and highly unprofessional) exploits on the World Wide Web, I play the bodhran (an Irish drum) and sing on Tuesday nights at a coffee shop in Denver. I'm also learning Kajukenbo (a melding of five martial arts, Karate, Jujitsu, Judo, Kenpo, and Chinese Boxing (Gung Fu)) and trying to have some sort of social life between going to school full-time and working something not entirely unlike part-time.
Now, just to look good in front of the teacher, I'll say that my favorite class is Economics, and that it's the best discipline taught at Red Rocks.
"My favorite class is Economics, and it's the best discipline taught at Red Rocks."
There, I said it. Might just get me a good grade for participation in this whole thing.

Have a nice day!

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