Spring 2003 - Chris Morgan
Source Chris Morgan
Date 03/01/27/12:40

Well if you haven't figured it out my name is Chris and this is my post about me. I am a very strange person and have many unique interests. I am 19 years ancient. I still live at home and I work at Office Depot. I am a full-time student here at RRCC and am in my forth semester here. I am working on an Engineering Major and will hopefully be transfering to CU Boulder in the Fall to finish my education. I am a member of a traditional American Square Dance Club based out of Boulder and have been a member for six years. I am the club webmaster,, and also perform on both the Square Dance and Clogging performance Teams. I am also a member of a Teen Square Dance Group based in Arvada. I don't enjoy siking or snowboarding but do enjoy backpacking, hiking, and biking.

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