Re: elastic and inelastic demand
Source Mitch
Date 01/03/08/00:03

okay back to the subject of econ.

I fully agree with brad in reguards to a free marked and no red tape. i know that liberal left is trying to blame this energy crisis on free industry but what the decition making body did was give the reigns to the electic industy and let them do their own thing, yet they still caitered to the environmentalist wackos and prevented aditional companies a way into the market which would have created not only competition in the market but an increased volume of energy. if your going to attempt to let there be a free market, THEN LET THERE BE A FREE MARKET! you cant do it half way as you can clearly witness in california. I would relate this liberal left activity to a seesaw. if you let the kids play freely the seesaw teeters smoothly and efficiently but what the environmentalists have done is place a BIG FAT COW on one end of that seesaw and told the kid to try and teeter smoothly and efficiently. im sorry but if the people of california are okay with having their governmental body talk around them like they are ignorant and can not comprehend simlple deregulation to the fullest extent and expect them to simply give in and comply with their every whim because they say "I told you so." sorry im getting off on a political tangent, but when I see liberals say that they are going to do one thing and do the complete oposite and lie and decive their way into power it get extreamly irritated, but alas you get my point, if your gonna deregulate then you have to FULLY deregulate, there is no in between.

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