fall 2002 - Tracie Goldsberry
Source Tracie Goldsberry
Date 02/08/28/12:00

Hello, my name is Tracie Goldsberry. I just graduated from Evergreen High School. I am currently enrolled in RRCC. I am taking 4 classes. I plan to be at Red Rocks for 2 semisters, and then transfer up to Colorado State University after my 2 semisters are over. I am seeking a degree in Business. To put more detail into it, I wish to major in Hotel and Restuarant Management. I want to own and run a restuarant. At this point in time, I work about 25-30 hours a week, at a gourmet pizza shop called Nick-N-Willy's. I am the assistant manager of the Dry Creek and University store. Some of my hobbies are cooking, and dancing, and hanging out with my friends.

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