Re: If Greece Defaults, Imagine Argentina, but Much Worse
Source Charles Brown
Date 15/06/28/13:32

Louis' link leads to this statement by Varoufakis: "We should certainly
default. But within the Eurozone. And use our readiness to default as a
bargaining strategy by which to bring about a New Deal for Europe."

The man is always too clever by half. We should default but not really;
we should display "readiness" to default and you will see little Greece
bring about a New Deal for all of Europe. No wonder most people from
left to right no longer take him seriously, except Louis -- who by the
way had this to say about Syriza five months ago:

"Syriza has not promised to nationalize industry, institute planning and
a monopoly on foreign trade but it has declared its intentions through
the Thessalonica Program, part of which is specifically geared to the
jobless, hungry and hopeless."

Well, just as candidate Obama dropped his intimations of progressivism
the morning after election day 2008, Syriza abandoned the Thessalonica
program from day one in office.

Without pronouncing as armchair strategists for Greece, we in the U.S.
can learn a lesson: social democrats begin by saying they can make
capitalism work for the people. They end up in tragedy like Allende in
Chile, or like Syriza in Greece they beg and whine to capital for an
austerity that they can sell to the people.

By the way, here are some photos of thousands of people in a
demonstration against austerity and Syriza organized in part by the
Communist Party of Greece (KKE) -- people who apparently disagree when
Louis calls the KKE "hardly worth mentioning."

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