Who I am - Jason Merritt
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Date 02/06/06/16:22

My name is Jason. This is my first year back in the USA after having been gone abroad for so long. I am a native of Colorado and a student of Regis Univerisy. I graduate soon in international trade, I will probly be in export shortly.I am a native of Colorado and if it were not for the summer course I would be board out of my mind. Most of my old freinds are either abroad or have taken off after graduation. Most of my schooling since I was 17 has been in spanish. I am 23 now. Univeristies that I have attended are St. Louis Univeristy or SLU (Madrid, Spain), My high school of Madrid (cardnal cisneros, ITESM Tec de Monterrey (Mexico) and Regis here in Denver. Thanks for reading this if you did, good luck on the course.

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