Who I Am...Jennifer
Source Jennifer Carpenter
Date 02/06/06/16:16

Well where to friends call me Jen and next year I will be a senior at Colorado State University. I am a history major with a concentration in Social Studies teaching. I hope to teach junior high U.S. History. This class is a great opportunity for me because my mom started taking classes at Red Rocks last year and so we decided to take a class together. My mom is Laurie Crowder and she has always been my hero.
I love to ride dirt bikes and read history books. I am a person of limited interests. My future goals, besides teaching, include a trip to Paris to see the Palace at Versaille, a trip to England just to see it, and a trip to Germany to look at the beginnings of World War II. I also hope to see every baseball stadium in the United States. Sounds random, but I love the game! Well nice to meet you all, and good luck this semester.

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