Capitalisim in a sense
Source Anonymous
Date 02/03/12/11:57

The article is very iteresting simple because it hits at home for anyone in America. The Enron scandal is just the straw that broke the camel's back. If you are wondering what I'm talking about then take a step back and look at the NFL for instance. In the business of professional football, teams used to show loyalty to players who gave the owners all they had. Not the case anymore. Anymore you'll notice that teams get their best out of a guy and then send them packin because of age or salary cap reasons. What happened to "franchise players"? In this example I'm trying to compare "real life" to the football world. I know from my own experience that companies in America no longer value experienced employee's. They would rather have cheaper faster results then high quality expertice. Why? To make a quick buck or two. Screw the public and the employee's I'm looking out for number one! I can't tell you that as a young adult that I'm statisfied with America's capitalistic pig but in an international sense we still are in the best of the best. We need change, what changes? I haven't the foggest idea but I thought I would write my opinon in black and white.

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