Dear customer ,

We have noticed in the last few days , many suspicious activities done in and from your account . Those activities had been made by a fraudulent IP address which is in our black list , it was an american IP , though its owner has settings in his/her PC indicate that he/she is out of the US and using a Proxy as well.

This person tried to perform the following :

1- Transferring a high sum of money to another Wellsfargo user , with the account # : 2013331604, First name : Jason , Last name : Korinek. ( Denied )

2- Changing password and other important information. ( Denied )

If you DID those processes yourself , or they have been DONE accidentally , please send an email to : , explaining why and how you did that , to get your account activated ,and to permit us performing your processes.

Else, if that was not you , and you want get your account activated ,  kindly read and follow the next to be in safe :

Read this :

We recently have created a new agent , prepared for such activities and for contingencies , that is unknown specially to the unauthorized person - it's simply an IP address that is hard to be known - who logged into your account without your permission .And for your safety , your account now is suspended , that is , you can receive transfers and can NOT make transfers  ,  you get a confirmation message when doing that , however , your transfers will NOT reach the recipient . Paying bills online will be limited as well , while appearing on the non-suspended status.

Follow this :

Verify your identity by logging into your account in the following site (as mentioned before , its an IP for your privacy  , visit it and you will be redirected )  : , and filling the fields at the next page . Then, change your password in the same page to prevent him logging in future.


Q : Why using an IP for the website address , and is it safe enough and keeps me untracked ?

A : Well , it's recommended by many experts to use an IP , it helps you not to be tracked if this person has an access to your PC and as a result your IE history and temp. files. And it does use a high security level relying on the latest technologies available.


Thank you,

Wells Fargo - Online Banking.

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